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Here you will find information on how to sign up for an Admarket account.

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Follow the below steps in order to set up a new account in Admarket:

  1. Click on "Register" located on the Admarket landingpage

  2. You will then get prompted to log in with your Schibsted account or create a Schibsted account. Schibsted account is the same account as you use to log on to other Schibsted sites e.g. VG, FINN. If you do not already have a Schibsted account, enter your email address and choose a password. You will then recieve an email where you confirm your account. Confirm your account by clicking on the "Activate my account" button in the email, this will send you to a registration form for you to complete. If you do not automatically get redirected to a form, go to again and click "Register" and this will open the form.

  3. Fill inn the form with the following details: Name, lastname, email, phone number (optional), name of company, registeration no and company website (optional). Once you have completed the form, hit "Finish registration".

  4. Once you have submitted the registration form you will recieve an email from Admarket that we are working on setting up your account. The creation of your account may take up to 3 business days. Note that you may browse around in Admarket whilst waiting for your account to be created.

  5. Once your account has been created, you will recieve a new email that your account has been approved. You may then log in to Admarket using your Schibsted account.

In order to advertise via Admarket, the following criteras needs to be fulfilled:

  • A Norwegian company registered with Brønnøysund Register Centre.

  • The company must have a website or landingpage that the ad can be linked to

  • A valid Schibsted account. A Schibsted account can be created as a part of the regisration process or created by accessing the following link:

Schibsted Match
The rutine above does not apply for the use of "Schibsted Match". For creation of account related to Schibsted match - reach out to your salesperson in Schibsted.

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