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What pricing models do Admarket use?
What pricing models do Admarket use?

Here you can find information about our pricing models

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Prices in Admarket vary depending on whether you choose to buy several sites combined or specific sites. Different sites have different prices and the same applies to the different ad formats.

We charge a surcharge If you have added targeting to your campaign per impression. This is priced per thousand impressions.

Pricing models:

In Admarket you can choose between two different pricing models; CPM and CPC.

CPM (Cost per mile) means we charge per ad impression. The price in CPM is the price per thousand impressions. With CPM as the pricing model, we guarantee that we will deliver all the impressions you order.

CPC (Cost per click) means that we charge per click. Here we can not guarantee delivery, but you will only be billed for the clicks that were actually delivered after the campaign ended.

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