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Handling of creative material
Handling of creative material

Here you will find information about how to deliver creative material and what you must do if the uploaded creative is rejected.

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Delivering creative material

You can either upload creative materials while booking the campaign or it can be done after finishing the booking process (up to 3 days before the start of the campaign).

If you upload creative material immediately, it will be sent for approval and you will receive an email when your campaign is approved and ready to go live according to the desired campaign start date.

If you want to upload creative material after booking the campaign, go to "My campaigns" and find the desired campaign. Then click the button on the far right under "More options" and click the "Creative Material" button. Then follow the instructions given.

What should I do if my creative material has been rejected?

Before your campaign can be active, it must be approved by our team to ensure that it complies with our guidelines. If it is not in accordance with the guidelines, it will be rejected.

Here are some things to check for if your ad is rejected:

  • Does the link you entered work?

  • Do images and text match what you are marketing?

  • Is the creative free of typos?

  • Does your creative have a logo and a clear sender?

  • Does your creative have the right dimensions and file weight? Check it here.

  • Please note that some services and products are not permitted to advertise. You will find detailed guidelines here.

If you are still unsure why your creative materials have been rejected, please contact customer support at

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