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Here you will find information about our guidelines for canceling booked campaigns before and after it has gone live.

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Cancelling a booked, not started campaign

You can cancel a campaign free of charge 3 days prior to campaign start. To cancel your campaign, go to "my campaigns", select the desired campaign in the overview and then press "cancel" in the main menu.

Cancelling a live campaign

If you wish to cancel your active campaign, the following invoicing rules depending on on the campaign type (objective for the campaign):

Brand Awareness (CPM) :

For this type of campaign, you will still be billed for all ordered ad impressions for the entire campaign period.

Traffic (CPC):

For this type of campaign, you will only be billed for the clicks that have so far been delivered during the campaign period.

If you have any questions regarding a cancellation or invoicing, you can contact us at

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