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Overview of my campaigns

Here you will find information on how to see an overview of your campaigns and what the campaign statuses at "My campaigns" mean.

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An overview of all your campaigns can be found under the menu item "My campaigns". Here you will find a list of all booked campaigns, and you can see the name, status, selected website and targeting, budget, possible delivery, and campaign period. You can also search for a specific campaign or use filters to find campaigns that meet specific criteria.

Campaigns booked by salespeople

In the "My campaigns" list you will also see campaigns booked by salespeople from Schibsted. You can see who has booked it, and by clicking on the name you get the necessary contact information if you want to get in touch with the person. You can distinguish between campaigns you have booked yourself and those booked by sellers by looking for the blue information line. To see all the ads in a campaign booked by a seller, click on "Show ads" on the blue line.

Campaign statuses for campaigns you have booked yourself:

These statuses apply to campaigns booked by you or others from your company in Admarket.


  • The campaign has been booked

  • If you have uploaded the creative material, it will now be reviewed. The status of the creative material will be sent to you by e-mail.

  • If you did not upload the creative material when booking your campaign, you can do so from "My campaigns".


  • The creative material has been uploaded and approved. The campaign will go live on the selected start date.


  • The campaign is live and delivers on the websites booked


  • The campaign has reached its end date and has been delivered


  • The campaign has been canceled

Campaign statuses booked by salespeople:

These statuses apply to campaigns booked by sellers from Schibsted. The statuses apply to the entire campaign, but you can see more details for each ad by clicking "Show ads".

Not started

  • None of your ads in a campaign has gone live yet.


  • One or more of your ads in a campaign is live and delivering on the websites booked.


  • All your ads in a campaign have reached their end date and have been delivered.

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