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What type of targeting can you use?
What type of targeting can you use?

Here you can find information about what targeting we offer

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Admarket utilises the unique data Schibsted has about their users and offers targeting based on geography, demographics or interests. Targeted ads will help you reach your target audience and will be perceived as more relevant by the users.

Adding targeting to your campaign is optional in Admarket and targeting will result in a price surcharge. If no targeting is selected, your ads can be displayed to all our users across geography, age, gender and interests.

Geographical targeting

In Admarket you can target your ads to a specific area - you can choose to target one or more counties (fylker), municipalities (kommuner), cities or smaller areas within a city (bydeler).

The geographical targeting we offer is based on relevant locations for our users. This means the last known position when they where registered on of our websites, in combination with other positions registered often on the same user - i.e. at home, at work or at the cabin.

Interest-based targeting

In Admarket you can target your ads to specific users based on typical behavioral patterns or their interests - such as students, families with young children or users interested in health, food and drinks, sports or finance. You can choose to add one or more interests targetings to reach your target audience.

Interest-based targeting is a result of a larger amount of user data and is based on users' browsing and search history on Schibsted's websites. Note that we cannot for sure know if a user i.e owns a cabin, but we know that the user is interested in cabins based on information we have collected from user patterns on our websites - such as frequent searches on cabins and reading articles about cabins.

Please be aware of that choosing very narrow targeting can have an effect on how much available inventory we have that matches your choices.

Demographical targeting - Gender and Age

In Admarket you can choose to target your ads to a specific gender or to a specific age group.

Data on gender and age are based on what our users have registered on their Schibsted Account if this is availble. In addition, the data models predict gender and age based on user patterns on our websites.


In Admarket you can choose to set a limit on the number of times your ads can be displayed to the same user. You can choose to set a frequency per day or a maximal frequency for the whole campaign period (lifetime).

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