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Why advertise through Admarket?
Why advertise through Admarket?
Why advertise through Admarket?

Here you can find information about your possibilites in Admarket

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Admarket is a platform developed by Schibsted that gives you the opportunity to advertise on some of Norway's largest websites. Our websites are a natural part of Norwegians' everyday lives - whether it's reading the latest news on VG, reading financial news on E24 or looking for housing on FINN. Your ads will always be in a secure context at Schibsted, with premium, effective formats and unique data.

In Admarket you set up campaigns yourself, where you can choose to advertise on one or multiple websites, as well as choose between several different ad formats. You have the ability to target your campaigns to geographic areas or based on a specific demographic or interest - we will help you reach your target audience!

Uploading advertising creatives in AdMarket is easy, and you can follow how your campaigns deliver during the campaign period.

Signing up is free of charge, and there is no fee associated with using the platform. The whole of your invested budget goes towards your ad campaign and we guarantee delivery on all purchases (excluding CPC were you only get invoiced for clicks delivered).

Here is a short introduction to our websites:

VG has over 2 million readers daily and is Norway's largest website and newspaper (F&M’20/2). VG focuses on breaking news, sports and entertainment, and is one of the strongest brands in Norway with a solid reach.

E24 is Norway's biggest destination for economic and business news. Every day, E24 gives readers the latest news about finance, business, macroeconomics and career.

FINN is Norway's largest marketplace with a clear # 1 position in the market. On average, every Norwegian spent over 32 hours on FINN in 2019!

At FINN you will find, among other things

  • 99% of all advertised homes

  • 90% of all used cars

  • 80% of all advertised job positions

  • 78% say they have sold something on FINN Torget, while 67% have bought something on Torget.

FINN also helps to make a difference for our society: FINN users saved the environment 0.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 22,255 tonnes of plastic in 2019.

Aftenposten was founded in 1860 by Christian Schibsted and is a newspaper with long and proud traditions. Aftenposten always gives readers updates within domestic and foreign news, sports and culture. Among Norwegian media, Aftenposten scores consistently high on “credible content” (Kantar).

Bergens Tidende is Western Norway's largest media house. The newspaper has high reach and appeal in Vestland, and creates engagement in Bergen with quality journalism.

Stavanger Aftenblad is the region's leading newspaper and a serious and credible news provider. Stavanger Aftenblad gives readers the latest local news, as well as domestic and foreign news, sports and culture.

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