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Book a new campaign

Here you will find information about how to book a campaign

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Create a new campaign

Click on the "new campaign" option from your campaign overview.

Select the current goal for your campaign

Is the purpose of your campaign to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your site to increase conversions? Your choice will to some extent affect the content when it comes to products and functionality in the booking flow. Once you have chosen the goal for your campaign, you can start to book your campaign.

Ordering a campaign in Admarket consists of the following 5 steps:

  1. Campaign details

  2. Targeting (Optional)

  3. Period & budget

  4. Creative upload

  5. Review & book

Below you will find information about each step:

1. Campaign details

You start by setting a campaign name. Choose a name that makes it easy to find the campaign in an overview. It is common to enter, for example, which website, device, targeting (if selected) and campaign period your campaign has in a shortened version.

Then choose which website you want your ad to appear on. Here you can choose between a package that includes many websites across Schibsted or specific websites, such as only VG or Finn. Read more about our products here.

Then you need to choose which device you want your campaign to appear on.

Finally, you choose which ad format you want. Read more about our formats here.

2. Targeting (optional)

In step 2, you can select targeting. To have specific targeting on your campaign is optional and you can choose to proceed to the next step, 3. Creative upload, if you do not want this.

If you want to apply some targeting, you can choose between geography, interest-based targeting, gender, age and age. Get more details about our targeting options here.

When targeting is selected, a price surcharge is added to your campaign.

3. Period and budget

In step 4, you select the campaign period, the budget you want and frequency. The campaign can start 3 days in advance at the earliest/the next day if you upload your creative(s) when booking. Learn more about our deadlines and how to set a budget here. If you have a discount, it will be visible here. Read more about our prices here.

4. Creative upload

In step 3, you can upload your creative material if you have it available. If you do not have your material ready, you can skip this step by clicking "Add later".

If you want to upload the creative material right away, you can choose to upload a standard image (JPG, PNG or GIF) or an ad script such as HTML or JavaScript. Read more about our ad formats here.

You must also enter the landing page you want the ad to link to. You can click test this URL if desired.

Finally, you can add tracking via third parties such as Google Analytics, Adform or UTM.

5. Review and order

In step 5, you will get a summary of your campaign and you can click on "Book campaign" to complete the booking.

If you want to make changes before booking the campaign, you can click on the desired step at the top of the page and edit your order.

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