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Campaign budget & delivery
Campaign budget & delivery

Here you will find information on how to set a budget and what delivery you can expect depending on the chosen goal for your campaign

Written by Haakon Bowitz
Updated over a week ago

When you enter your campaign budget in NOK, this will convert to a number of ad impressions or clicks based on the cost of the selected product.

Campaign goal: Brand awareness (CPM)

We charge per ad impression and the budget you set will be the net price of the campaign, including possible discounts. We guarantee to deliver all the ad impressions received for the budget entered.

If you are not able to enter the desired campaign budget, it means that you have entered too high a budget in relation to how many ad impressions we have available in the selected time period. Try putting in a smaller budget, longer campaign period, or choose less targeting to be able to book your desired campaign.

Campaign goal: Traffic (CPC)

When buying clicks you enter your campaign budget to translate it into clicks. We can not guarantee the delivery of all clicks, but we will also only invoice you for the number of clicks we actually deliver.

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